Featured image of post Can you hear the difference between MP3 files with different sound quality?

Can you hear the difference between MP3 files with different sound quality?

For the same song, MP3 audio files with different bit rates, can you hear the difference?

Ear hearing is “true”

The sound quality of audio files is often discussed among HIFI enthusiasts. So, is there any difference between MP3 audio files with different bit rates? Are these differences detectable by the human ear? It is better to “listen” than to hear a hundred things! Only when you have heard it yourself will you know the real answer.

How do you hear it?

The biggest difference between sound and image is that if you want to compare the difference between two pictures, you only need to put them together and compare them. It is easy to see the difference. However, if you want to compare two sounds The difference between them is not so simple. We need to use scientific comparison methods to ensure that we can feel the difference to the greatest extent.

ABX listening test

At present, a relatively scientific listening test method in the HIFI circle is called ABX test.

The “A” and “B” in the name ABX refer to two versions of the same song with different bit rates, and “X” refers to randomly selecting a version from “A” or “B” to let the subjects to listen. In the end, the subject needs to judge whether the “X” track is “A” or “B”. Through this testing method and after multiple rounds of testing, we can obtain a set of data. This set of data records the number of successes and failures of the subject’s successful identification of the “X” track, so that the success rate of the subject’s sound identification can be further obtained. Through the final success rate, we can know whether the subjects can really hear the difference of audio files under different bit rates.

The actual meaning of the test results

Some friends may think so, I personally participate in such a test, and then I can get the most authentic answer in the HIFI industry. There is something right and something wrong about this kind of thinking.

The right thing is that I personally participated in this test, so that I can truly know my sensibility for audio files with different bit rates, which will help me save some money in purchasing audio sources.

The mistake is that the results of this test are different for different people. Individual test results do not represent everyone. Some people who have undergone special listening training are more sensitive to bit rate than ordinary listeners. They can hear nuances that ordinary people don’t notice.

However, one thing we can believe is that most people’s listening level should be about the same without special training. After personally participating in the test and getting the test results, you can also understand the true appearance of the matter to a large extent. Therefore, we still encourage friends who have time, conditions, and interest in HIFI to participate in this ABX listening test. Bring your perception closer to the truth!

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