Featured image of post To turn your mobile phone into a HIFI player, you need a high-quality music player APP!

To turn your mobile phone into a HIFI player, you need a high-quality music player APP!

Mobile phones can also be HIFI! All you need is such a music player software!

The key to turning a mobile phone into a HIFI player

Nowadays, almost everyone has a beloved mobile phone, but not everyone has a professional HIFI player equipment. For daily listening to music, it is more convenient to carry a mobile phone than to take an extra HIFI player. Because of this, how to maximize the music playback ability of a mobile phone has become a topic of great concern to HIFI enthusiasts.

The built-in audio subsystems of different brands and models of Android smartphones use different hardware, and we cannot improve the hardware configuration inherent in the phone. But we can enhance the actual experience of listening to music through software that maximizes the music playback capabilities of each phone.

We are here to recommend a music player software that can be used on Android phones for all HIFI enthusiasts. Through this music player APP, it can bring you a new music playback experience. Next, let’s quickly get to know this music player APP!

Music player introduction

There are countless music player software that can be installed on the Android platform. If it’s just an ordinary player, of course there won’t be a special recommendation page for it. The full name of the music player recommended here is “Auxio”.

“Auxio” is a music player APP on the Android platform. The latest version supports all Android phones above Android 5.0. It is a free player software following the GPL3.0 open source agreement. Its biggest feature is that it does not require any network link permissions. In layman’s terms, you don’t have to worry about it leaking any of your private information (this point, HIFI enthusiasts can set the permissions in the operating system after installing this APP. confirmed in the list).

Another advantage of “Auxio” is “extreme lightweight”. Excellent code will minimize the hardware requirements of the mobile phone to achieve the purpose of saving power when playing music. “Auxio” is just such a music player. Of course, there is another thing that must be introduced to everyone, that is, it not only has the characteristics of “light weight”, but also has a modern and simple playback interface, so that you can control it freely when using it, and truly make your mobile phone a mobile phone. HIFI player!

Kind tips

“Auxio” has been launched on F-Droid, the world’s largest Android FOSS software collection platform, and all HIFI enthusiasts can download it for free.

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