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Passive speakers for TV sound system

Using passive speakers to build a TV sound system is a more advanced HIFI method.

For HIFI enthusiasts who pursue the ultimate TV program viewing experience, they must pay great attention to the sound quality of the program. In order to obtain a relatively strong sound quality expression, you might as well try to use passive speakers to build a TV sound system. In this issue of audio-visual strategy, we will talk to you about the situation of using passive speakers to accompany the TV.

In the previous guide, we have introduced the use of active speakers as TV audio. This method is more suitable for HIFI players who like simple operation and do not want to invest too much money and energy. The operation method of using passive speakers to make sound for the TV introduced in this guide is more suitable for HIFI enthusiasts who like proper tossing and have higher pursuit of TV sound quality.

However, we must first understand one thing, that is, once the TV sound system introduces the concept of passive speakers, the variables of the entire system and the room for optional equipment become very broad. If you want to introduce this kind of sound system comprehensively, it is almost as difficult as introducing the ecology of the entire HIFI circle. Therefore, our TV audio speaker series will focus on the more popular solutions, and will not involve the very in-depth and costly investment in the construction of TV audio systems. The purpose of our guide is to write methods and guidelines that can be accepted by most friends who want to enter the HIFI circle and can be operated in reality.

Affordable solution for passive speakers as TV sound

To popularize the solution of using passive speakers as TV audio, we first need to find a suitable speaker. Such a speaker needs to achieve a certain balance between price and sound quality. As for how to choose a power amplifier that matches it, we will introduce it in detail in the next issue of the guide. In this guide, we focus on picking a passive speaker that is economical and affordable.

What kind of passive speaker is suitable for TV audio

According to the different environments in which each HIFI enthusiast actually watches TV programs, we must first determine the size range of the passive speakers used. In terms of general direction, we can choose between two major categories: floor-standing passive speakers and bookshelf passive speakers.

For friends who don’t have a lot of space in the room where they actually watch TV programs, it would be a more appropriate choice to use bookshelf passive speakers. When we set up any sound system, we must follow a major premise, that is, the speakers match the listening environment. The maximum sound pressure level parameters of bookshelf passive speakers are very suitable for the listening environment where the use area of the room is 12 square meters or less. Such a combination will not consume excessive power and energy, and can achieve a satisfactory volume, and will not cause other complicated sound field problems due to too much volume.

Moreover, the volume of the bookshelf passive speaker is relatively small, and the indoor space occupied will not be very large. Based on the above two points, the best speaker partner for a small room is a “bookshelf passive speaker”.

Let’s take a look at how to choose passive speakers for large-area rooms. In terms of price factors, the price of floor-standing passive speakers produced by regular manufacturers is usually much more expensive than bookshelf passive speakers of the same brand. Therefore, it is not necessary to use floor-standing passive speakers to provide sound for the TV in a large room. If you consider the price factor, bookshelf passive speakers can also be used in large rooms. Of course, at this time, there are certain requirements for the maximum sound pressure level that the bookshelf speakers can output. HIFI enthusiasts should pay more attention to the power parameters when purchasing.

If you don’t consider the price factor, the floor-standing passive speakers must be the best match for large-area rooms. Floor-standing speakers can control a relatively large listening space, so that you can accurately hear the sound of TV programs no matter where you are in the room. Generally speaking, the usable area of the room is more than 20 square meters, and the floor-standing passive speakers can achieve a satisfactory listening effect.

There is another advantage to a large room with floor-standing passive speakers for TV sound. That is, the number of actual sounding units of the floor-standing speaker is relatively large, and its advantages of three-frequency equalization can be better utilized in a large-area space, making the sound clearer and more recognizable in different frequency bands, and more compatible with The visual expression of the large-size TV screen echoes, and the overall viewing and listening experience of TV programs will be improved to a higher level.

Placement of bookshelf passive speakers

The point to be explained here is that the placement of bookshelf passive speakers is actually very flexible. You can use a special speaker stand or speaker holder for bookshelf boxes, or you can use other methods to fix the speaker body.

If used as TV audio, it can be placed on both sides of the TV freely, such as on the TV cabinet. We also have a solution for the situation where the TV is wall-mounted and there is no TV cabinet below to place the speakers. It is recommended to use non-marking hook products that can be purchased in supermarkets. This kind of non-marking hook products can be pasted on the surface of the TV wall and has a large load-bearing capacity. It is generally more than enough to hang bookshelf speakers. Paste two seamless hooks on the latex paint walls on the left and right sides of the TV, and hang the passive bookshelf speakers on the left and right walls of the TV through the hanging holes on the back of the bookshelf box. The wall is perforated and very strong. Each seamless hook will have a corresponding load-bearing mark. According to the weight of the purchased passive bookshelf box, you can choose the corresponding hook product by yourself. Here is a special reminder that you must choose a regular brand when buying a non-marking hook, because the quality of glue used in different brands of products varies greatly. Not to mention the damage to the wall, if it is not pasted firmly, it will not be worth the loss if it falls.

When a TV is paired with passive speakers for sound, the choice of bookshelf passive speakers is actually relatively large. Here, we recommend you to buy bookshelf boxes from major manufacturers. It is not necessary to buy expensive high-end products, but the products or brands you buy must be well-known in the circle of HIFI enthusiasts, or at least heard from others, so that you will not buy IQ tax product.

This reminder is mainly because the consumer market for audio products is relatively deep. Here, I wish all HIFI enthusiasts can take home their favorite speakers and set up their own TV sound system.

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