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HIFI Power Amplifier Features Introduction and Purchase Suggestions

What are the characteristics of HIFI power amplifier? What are the pros and cons? Its sound quality must be better than AV power amplifier? How to choose the HIFI power amplifier correctly?

When it comes to the “love and hatred” between HIFI amplifiers and AV amplifiers, HIFI enthusiasts always enjoy it. These “love and hate” have also become a hot topic of conversation among HIFI enthusiasts after dinner. In this issue of audio-visual strategy, let us continue to introduce the difference between HIFI power amplifier and AV power amplifier following the content of the previous guide. This time, we will focus on the HIFI power amplifier, and talk with you about the “past life and present life” of the HIFI power amplifier.

Application scenarios of HIFI power amplifier

In the previous guide content, we have already introduced that AV power amplifier is a one-stop solution for audio equipment manufacturers. The launch of this kind of power amplifier products is mainly to make it easier for HIFI enthusiasts to build their favorite audio system or home theater system.

Then, the HIFI power amplifier to be introduced in this issue is a product that appeared in the consumer market earlier than the AV power amplifier. Its original design intention is not to incorporate too many complex intelligent functions. Generally speaking, manufacturers will focus on the design core and focus of a HIFI power amplifier on the most important and most important function of a power amplifier. This function point is how to better amplify the power of the audio signal, and restore the original sound and effects of the music works of artists or film and television works.

This design idea is also the origin of the term “HIFI” in HIFI amplifiers: the pursuit of the ultimate pure sound, and the restoration of the audio signal to the limit. We have reasons to believe that many HIFI enthusiasts will spend a lot of money to buy expensive HIFI power amplifier equipment to improve the sound quality of the audio system just because of the “HIFI” characteristics of the HIFI power amplifier.

The status quo of HIFI power amplifier consumer market

With the increasing number of HIFI enthusiasts around the world, diversified consumer demands are gradually emerging. Every audiophile’s listening needs will have their own characteristics integrated into it. The gameplay of HIFI equipment has also improved from the classic and simple sound quality to a new situation where the next-generation audio equipment is full of various new functions.

Nowadays, the overall situation of the power amplifier consumer market has entered a new era where diversified functions are gradually leading the trend. The function of the power amplifier is not only limited to the power amplification of the audio signal, but also incorporates many new functions.

For example, the sound field algorithm that optimizes the listening environment accordingly, and the surround sound arrangement scheme with 5 or more channels. But we will find a situation, that is, these new technical solutions are basically adopted by AV power amplifiers. Looking at the consumer market of the entire power amplifier, the function of the HIFI power amplifier often stays at a single function point. If some new HIFI power amplifiers are added with the function of unlimited audio transmission, they already belong to the quite avant-garde existence in the category of HIFI power amplifiers. Therefore, the overall design idea of the HIFI power amplifier seems to be stagnant on the old road.

So, since the functions of HIFI power amplifiers are relatively simple, is it necessary for us to consider the category of HIFI power amplifiers when purchasing power amplifier products? We think that some senior HIFI enthusiasts with rich experience already have the answer. Because these senior audiophiles know very well in their hearts that adding a HIFI power amplifier is an essential part of building their favorite and most special audio system. By introducing HIFI power amplifiers, building a set of audio systems with the same functions as AV power amplifiers, and at the same time surpassing AV power amplifiers in sound quality, is a more advanced, or “ultimate” one in the minds of many HIFI enthusiasts. play.

Integrate the HIFI amplifier into the complex audio system

The high-fidelity characteristics and abundant power reserve of the HIFI power amplifier allow it to focus on one thing in the entire audio system, that is, to fully amplify the audio signal and restore the true artistic conception of the artists’ works of art as much as possible.

However, HIFI power amplifiers usually only support the power amplification of stereo audio signals, that is, the signal amplification of 2-channel audio. If HIFI enthusiasts want to set up a multi-channel, or audio system with some special functions (for example: 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission capability, Bluetooth audio transmission capability, etc.), it is necessary for HIFI enthusiasts to set up the audio system. Only with a deeper understanding and the ability to connect multiple power amplifiers in multiple stages can the HIFI power amplifier with only a single power amplification function be integrated into such a complex audio system.

In such a more advanced and complex sound system. HIFI power amplifiers will still only focus on a single power amplification operation. The remaining intelligent functions and sound field tuning will be completed by or connected to other equipment (for example: independent multi-channel decoder, pre-amplifier, etc.). This “clear division of labor” equipment construction scheme can maximize the best capabilities of each equipment.

It is a pity that the sound system built using this solution will be very expensive. Due to the need to purchase different devices to independently undertake some special functions, the functions that could have been completed by the AV power amplifier by itself are distributed to multiple devices. Equipment knowledge. Even if you only focus on the connection and installation between devices, it will take a long time to complete.

Therefore, for HIFI enthusiasts who have sufficient funds on hand but insufficient audio knowledge reserves, they can gradually increase their own threshold for playing audio equipment in a step-by-step manner. Start with a simple stereo two-channel sound system, and then gradually transition to a “complex” sound system after you have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge.

But one thing we can be sure of is that the overall performance of this type of advanced split audio system is bound to be better than that of an integrated audio system that only uses a single AV amplifier. For HIFI enthusiasts who love to play with audio equipment, the “tossing” process of building such a high-end audio system is also a pleasure. Of course, the moment the formation is completed, the inner sense of accomplishment will be very strong. In the days that followed, the experience of listening to all kinds of wonderful music was “only to be understood, not to be expressed in words”.

However, such a high-end audio system construction plan is not necessarily suitable for all HIFI enthusiasts. We suggest that everyone evaluate which sound system construction plan is more suitable for them according to their own actual situation. Although the high-end audio system construction plan will inevitably improve the sound quality of the entire system, because the link structure between each device will become more complicated, and the cost will also increase, so “tailor-made” is the HIFI enthusiasts should understand the first point before deciding on the sound system construction plan. Is it necessary for every HIFI enthusiast to adopt the highest-level method to build a sound system, and also needs “the wise see the wisdom, and the benevolent see benevolence”.

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